Big Timber U19 team racks up wins


Three weeks ago, Big Timber’s under 19 (U19) soccer team drove to Miles City to play against Sidney and Miles City. Big Timber won against Sidney with a 1-0 score. They also won against Miles City with a score of 5-0. 

On May 13, the team traveled to Lewistown to compete against Lewistown and Hi-Line United Red (Havre). Big Timber kicked off the first game against Lewistown. About five minutes in, Lewistown scored a lucky goal when the ball was crossed into Big Timber’s defense, bounced around off a player and to a Lewistown player’s foot who then poked it in. 

After battling it out for a good 40 more minutes, halftime was called. The weather was just nice enough to play in, but if you were sitting on the sidelines, you would get chilly. 

Lewistown kicked off the second half. Both teams played very aggressively and had great possession. After multiple near missed shots, the game ended with a 1-0 loss for Big Timber.

The next game was a lot of fun. Havre got to kick off for the first half. The weather had warmed up a little and there was a baseball game going on right next to the soccer fields. There was loud music and the teams were having a great time and their spirits were high. 

During the first half, Dagon Jacobsen scored a goal for Big Timber. Not long after, Ashton O’Connor received the ball on the left side of the field and dribbled the ball up and passed the ball into the back of the net. 

Ten minutes later, Jacksel Juica dribbled the ball around Havre’s defense and cut around outside and scored. At halftime the teams gathered up again and discussed their next move. Halftime was short because the players began to get cold. 

Big Timber kicked off the last half of the day. After playing for 15 minutes, O’Connor scored the last goal of the day, the ball bounced from Havre’s keeper and O’Connor was right there to clean it up. Big Timber left the field with a 4-0 win against Havre. 

MVPs go to O’Connor and Virgil Tronrud. Great job! Big Timber didn’t have a game last week and will not have a game this week either. The team will play in Livingston on June 3 for the last games before state.


By Morgan Fjare / Youth Soccer Correspondent



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