Council discusses handful of topics

The city council meeting on Sept. 5 was quick and complete, as there was little to discuss. 

Of note was a brief discussion on Olivarez Honey Bees, as Lana King brought a letter to the council from the Montana Department of Labor & Industry, stating “the old log cabin that Dry Creek Construction is proposing to remodel for a retail outlet meets the standards for a commercial building once a remodel is completed.”

The letter was from Darrell Aaby with Building Codes. 

Olivarez Honey Bees is hoping to turn the cabin into a retail storefront where it will be able to sell honey, beeswax and other items. 

Sheriff Dan Tronrud said there were 337 calls for service in August and 27 citations given. Tronrud said that was about normal for the month. 

The council also approved the resolution for delinquent mowing, that is to charge certain properties on their taxes should the city have to come mow it for them.

By July 1, lawns within the city must be mowed to within eight inches of the ground, otherwise it is noted as a fire hazard. Mayor Mark Stephens said there are just a handful of properties — some of which are foreclosed houses — that require contractors to come in and mow. 

The resolution passed now allows the city to charge the fee for mowing to the property owner’s taxes. 

The Aug. 21 meeting minutes and August 2017 payroll, overtime and claims were also approved. 

The next council meeting will take place Monday, Sept. 18 at 7 p.m.




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