County commissioners aren’t listening to locals

Are the county commissioners listening to the people?? On March 7 there was a meeting on whether or not to grant BayWa r.e. the new wind farm company, which is German owned, a tax abatement of $1.2 million half of the $2.4 million they would normally pay over the first 10 years. 

The wind farm is to be located in the Greycliff area. Spokesmen  for Baywa r.e. said they could not make it work without the tax abatement. However at the Feb 7, 2017 meeting project developer Josh Franklin answered yes to the same question. 

On the Baywa r.e. website Jan 3, 2017 an article regarding the Greycliff Wind Project — moving to construction — No mention of abatement. Spokesman Josh Franklin said they start generating money the day they finish and get on line about six months from start of project. 

They get $45.28 per KWH (kilowatt hour) from Northwest Energy. But what they do not tell you is they get the grants and federal loans and subsidies that pay up to $23 per MWH (megawatt-hour they produce.) 

That is from National Wind watch, these figures are from 2010 so you know they are much higher now. As Warren Buffett, CEO of Bershire said, “We build Wind Farms because we get a tax credit, they make no sense.” About 30 people attended, those who spoke ie; Norm Starr, Chuck Rein, and others all reiterated same thing — no one gave them a tax credit and they did not have a conglomerate backer that made $15 billion last year. 

I applaud Bob Faw for looking past the revenue to be raised and into the company itself and listening to the people. Did the other commissioners not hear the voices of those in attendance?                  

Dick Christ

Big Timber



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