Dusting off the old ones: Feb. 8, 2008

In 2008, I was nothing but a teen wanting nothing more than to figure out what horrible polo I was going to wear to the middle school dance social. In fact, after an unexpected trip to my grandparents, my mother started digging up old pictures of me from way back when. 

I had it all: long, thin hair down to my shoulders. The braces and awkward smile to try and hide them, but also trying not to get grounded for not smiling in my school pictures and the staple of middle school (back then) — the Holister t-shirt. 

Yes, 2008 was only 10 years ago but sometimes, it feels like a lifetime. So, for this week’s ‘Dustin’ off the old ones’ column, we dive back to a glamorous time not too long ago: Feb. 8, 2008.

Library use soars

An article on the front page of the paper read, ‘Library use soars since renovation.’ Numbers more than doubled at the Carnegie Library after the facility reopened in March 2007. Numbers increased from 950 to 1,244, number of books, CD’s, magazine and other miscellaneous items checked out since the reopening were 14,630. 

Also, the library received two donated computers, upping their number to six at the time. 

PMC ups the ante

Pioneer Medical Center got Computed Radiology equipment to help them better use their Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS). The technology made it possible to capture and transmit digital x-rays within seconds to be read by radiologists. 

Herder scoreboard

The girls’ basketball team topped Manhattan Christian 59-26, and was led by McKenzie Foster’s 19 points. Rachel Pauli had 10 and Brittany Talkington had nine more to help.

The girls also beat Shields Valley 64-59.

On the boys’ side, Livingston got the best of the Herders 69-47. Mitch Buerkle and Brandon Arlian came away with 11 points apiece, while Arlian double-doubled with 10 rebounds as well. 

The boys got the best of Manhattan Christian and Shields Valley the following games.

Stephen Kalb-Koenigsfeld, Pioneer editor



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