Letter to the editor: A sincere thank you from two most grateful people

Last Friday morning at 1:25 a.m. we were awaken from a sound sleep by a very courteous officer from the sheriff’s department.  We were told that we must get out of our house as soon as possible and not return until conditions permitted.

The volunteer firemen showed up dragging hoses and performing their job of controlling an already fiery inferno with flames leaping furiously from nearly the full length of the roof of the old Sweet Grass County High School.  They proceeded to hose down the roofs of our house and garage as well as the library and our neighbors property.

They were diligently putting up barriers to keep residents and onlookers from getting in harms way near this hazard as they knocked down the flames in the school building.

We want to express our appreciation to all these dedicated volunteer firemen and peace officers from our community who answered the call and spent hours fighting and controlling this fire that erupted in this old building.  They gave their time and talents in protecting our home and property as well as keeping from spreading to many  more structures in Big Timber.

Everything could have been much different in our area without their long, hard hours of work that night and the following days!

Jim and Shirley Esp, Big Timber



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