Little Learner’s biggest hearts

Preschoolers raise money for Big Timber Food Bank

Help, comfort, gratuity and thankfulness don’t know boundaries and they don’t have restrictions. Being able to contribute and support the community isn’t reserved for those over the age of 18. So, when 12 students from the Little Learner’s Preschool in Big Timber had an opportunity to give back, they jumped in and began to work.

Those 12 students made calendars with their individual handprints on each month, and sold them to community members, raising $364.87 for food to donate to the Big Timber Food Bank. On Dec. 12, those same students went to the Big T IGA, and helped pay for the food before delivering it to the food bank.

“I wanted it to be something the kids could get some experience from and see something they worked hard for,” said Carolyn Brown, a teacher with Little Learner’s. “And [the kids can] give back rather than parents coming in, setting down a can on the table and walking out.” 

Brown said it was a unique experience getting to do something so impacting at such a young age. She had to work with the kids to help them understand what they were doing, in terms a preschooler would really be able to grasp.

Because of support like drives by the Little Learner’s Preschool and others around the community, the Big Timber Food Bank doesn’t have to do fundraisers to help stock the shelves at the local food bank. Joanne Stief, who works on scheduling food coming into the bank, said the Little Learner’s drive is just one of many that’s been moving and impactful for the bank and the donators. 

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PHOTO CAPTION: Carolyn Brown, back-center, poses with members of Little Learner’s Preschool at the Big T IGA on Dec. 12. These students raised money so they could buy food, which in turn, went to the Big Timber Food Bank as a donation. The students raised $364,87. (STEPHEN KALB-KOENIGSFELD / Big Timber Pioneer)




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