New Montana plate slated for arrival

The Department of Motor Vehicle’s arsenal of license plate options is about to get another piece of munition. 

The Sweet Grass Community Foundation is set to release the finalized version of its license plate, which will feature the iconic view of the Crazy Mountains. The county sits in the mountains’ shadows, and now that view will be available across the state, should someone register with these plates. 

Kendra Todd at Kenlei Design, with the collaboration of the Sweet Grass Community Foundation, helped illustrate the panoramic picture behind the standard numbers and letters. Corry Seitz, the foundation’s executive director, said it’s another way for the foundation to give back to the Sweet Grass County community, this time in a unique fashion. 

“We were looking at ways we could supplement our current fundraising efforts,” Seitz said. “For instance, with the Raw Deal Run community fundraiser, we have a match fund we raise funds for. We’re trying to grant more dollars out to the community for projects and organizations, and we were just trying to find ways to build that up even more.”

The plate comes in just black and white and will cost $25. The proceeds go back to the foundation, which in turn go back into Sweet Grass County in a variety of ways. 

The process wasn’t always easy, Seitz said, as approval was needed from organizations like the Montana Highway Patrol (MHP) and the Montana Correctional Enterprises (MCE) at Montana State Prison — where the plates are printed. 

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PHOTO CAPTION: The Sweet Grass Community Foundation and Kenlei Design in Big Timber, have created a new, specialized license plate for those seeking a local identifier on their vehicle. Date of release isn’t yet known, but drivers can order the plates when renewing their registration. (Photo courtesy Sweet Grass Community Foundation)




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