Old high school project updates

On Page 2, in the top part of the page, you’ll see a box designated for updates about the old high school project, its committee and ongoing progress toward cleaning up the site and turning it into a community space.

After a public meeting, led by the old high school project committee, at the end of January, I went to committee members and asked if they thought it would be beneficial toward their cause — transparency, above all — if there was space in the Pioneer for weekly updates.

They agreed there was said benefit.

The Pioneer is here for one reason above all others, and that’s to serve its community. And I don’t believe that’s restricted just to the Pioneer; that is, all newspapers are made and function to serve their communities. 

The committee has come up with a handful of ways, including informational meetings, to address concerns, answer questions and ask for donations. But not everyone in the community can make those meetings or access those Internet sites.

The Pioneer is hoping that adding weekly information, in the exact same spot, will help provide another outlet to get the word across about what’s happening at the old high school location.

It’s not lost on me, a new kid; a youngin’ from out of town, what that building has meant and has done to Big Timber during the course of the past decade and, well, maybe even the last century. 

The memories, the tribulations, the headaches and questions it’s conjured up are probably more than I really understand or know of. What I do understand, though, is the necessity and the willingness to know what’s going on, and I commend the project’s committee on their forward thinking and urge to be transparent throughout the process.

So, stay tuned as weekly updates will be coming indefinitely. You can find that weekly information, even if there aren’t any updates, in the top part of Page 2 every week. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please, don’t hesitate to contact me over here at the Pioneer. 

Stephen Kalb-Koenigsfeld, Pioneer editor



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