Pioneer’s free online story of the week

The greatest things in life aren’t free. I remember my father telling me that at some point in my adolescence. Or maybe it was a father-figure on a TV sitcom. Either way, it’s sort of true. 

And that’s why you’ve got to pay for your newspaper. 

Alright, that might be grandstanding a bit, but there might be a smidge of truth in there, too. 

Since I’ve started as the editor at the Pioneer, I’ve continued with many of the traditions set before me. One of which includes promoting our longer, more in-depth content to our e-edition and to our print copy. That’s important for us to stay in business, and for you to get the same piece of content in a couple different ways (with the online edition, you can access it anywhere. And with just the website, photo galleries are often accessible for our bigger stories). 

But with that comes a small downside: Some new readers, such as the ones travelling through town, staying overnight or who have recently moved here or to Sweet Grass County, don’t exactly know the quality of content they’re getting on a weekly basis.

That’s why I’m starting a new “tradition,” so to speak.

Each week, every reader/viewer will be able to access one of our longer-form stories — be it the centerpiece story, a sports or outdoors feature, etc.— for free. Meaning, you’ll get the photo galleries, the story, the links, all that, without being referred to the full version in our e-edition or the print version. 

What I hope this does is retain our already devout readers and encourages them to keep reading, while pulling in new readers and showing them the quality of content they’ll get every week with the Pioneer. I don’t think this is anything life-changing or will hurt the Pioneer in anywhere. I wouldn’t be doing this if that’s really what I thought. I hope you’ll stay encouraged and engaged with our content and be able to be reached in new ways each with what we’re doing.

As always, the email and phone lines are always open over here at the office. Feel free to drop me a message or line if you have any questions or concerns. 

We continue to look forward to providing you with the news in more interactive and creative ways in the future. 

Stephen Kalb-Koenigsfeld, Pioneer editor



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