PMC board applies memorial fund

A week ago, the Pioneer Medical Center voted to invest its $200,000 memorial fund in Opportunity Bank. A week later, they had an opportunity to put it to good use.

Gail Payne will be able to get her paramedic’s license with the help of the memorial fund. The PMC board voted unanimously to grant Payne $3,500 from the memorial fund to help her complete her education and get her paramedic’s license.

“Having another paramedic would be very useful,” said PMC CEO Gary Hamilton. “Especially with some of these transfers that transfer to a higher level of care, there are times where we could use another paramedic in the area.”

The class starts in November and runs for 11 months. 

The PMC board also discussed old and new business, including how outpatient services are growing and an upcoming board retreat. Along the same line as the retreat was positive feedback from communication growth within the hospital.

Safety huddles, each day, have increased communication, Hamilton said, and the overall goal was to do just that. Employees are feeling more in the loop and understand what’s happening in different departments, Hamilton reported. 

Also, Sweet Grass County Commissioner Susie Mosness, who is a PMC board member, will be stepping down. Commissioner Bill Wallace will be taking Mosness’s place on the board. 

“It’s been wonderful to work with everybody and it’s been highly educational,” Mosness said. 




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