Room to grow

Pioneer Medical Center has hired 29 new staff members in the past seven months.

The problem is, they’ve got no place to put them. 

The hospital’s marketing manager and quality director currently work out of unused clinic space. 

One dietitian is housed in a clinic exam room, while another has made do in a room once used for record storage.

Hearts and Hands Hospice staff dwell in the basement warehouse, which doubles as a storage area.

They need more space, and that’s exactly what board members discussed during their Jan. 5 meeting.

Outgoing CEO Erik Wood presented plans to the board, outlining additional rooms to be constructed at the basement level. The expansion would include multiple offices and a conference room, which would double as a private space to converse with families about the death of a loved one, or a complex diagnosis. 

“I think if we’re going to continue to grow and present well to the community, we need to have a space that is appropriate for our staff,” Wood said.

Currently, if doctors need to speak with families in private, they make do with the space available. Board member and physician Dr. Ace Walker said he closes off one of the two bays in the ER for added privacy or converses with patients and families in the waiting room if no one else is around. 

“The busier we get, I just think it would be nice if we had a place where, if need be, we could take a family and talk to them … so they’re not in the middle of the ER, which is a HIPAA violation, or in the waiting room which is another HIPAA violation,” said Board Chair Paula Curtin.

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By Mackenzie Reiss / Pioneer Staff Writer


Pioneer Medical Center is pictured in June of 2016.



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