Taking a look at what lies ahead in 2018

It’s bound to be a busy year in Sweet Grass County. That’s not to say other years aren’t, won’t be or haven’t been, but with the 2018 election season looming, and nearly every county seat up for grabs, it’ll be buzzing. 

County officials gathered Jan. 8 to discuss the going-ons in their various departments, during the first county staff meeting of the year. Among those informants was clerk and recorder Vera Pederson, who said her office has been gearimg up for the election. 

Pederson said one of the biggest helps heading into the election year comes down to absentee ballot mailing. Instead of mailing out nearly 600 absentee ballots to those on the mandatory absentee list, Pederson said she’ll be mailing out just 40 to those who changed their address. 

“When you figure in those huge counties, that’s an even bigger win for them,” Pederson said. 

Filing for county positions opens Jan. 11 and runs thru March 12 at 5 p.m. The positions up for re-election include: District 1 commissioner, District 3 commissioner, clerk and recorder, treasurer, justice of the peace, sheriff, county superintendent of schools, county attorney and public administrator. The 10 seats on the Sweet Grass County Republican Central Committee are also up for re-election this year. 

Each position has a specific filing fee. Those wishing to run for an elected office can pick up a filling packet at the county annex building. 

Other business

Commissioners Bob Faw and Bill Wallace began readying for the new year with some resolutions — both figurative and literal.

The commissioners signed off on new year resolutions, setting meeting times, dates, office hours and mileage rates. But they’ve also been thinking about the main projects that lie ahead in 2018.

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