Voters: Think for yourselves

This is in response to Republican State Rep. Forrest Mandeville’s letter “The Hijacking of a Special Election”. When did he get so righteous after what Jeff Essman, good ol’ Republican, tried to do in terms of hijacking the right of non-Republican voters to vote.  Essman tried to establish closed primaries wherein only registered Republicans could vote! Had Essman gotten his way, that would have been true “voter suppression.”

This is a very important election as all Montana voters know. Neither party cares one whit about their constituents. They care only about their party, keeping it in power and them in power. And Mandeville believes that mail-in ballots are popular among Democrats and Independents. 

That is why he comes up with these silly arguments: 1) against the election date; 2) the mail-in ballot and 3) the cost savings to the counties. These arguments are misleading, false and fallacious, yet attractive only to the uninformed and uneducated about the issues. 

Money is a very important issue here in Sweet Grass County, so the savings achieved by mail-in ballots are real and useful.

Of course Mandeville would be opposed to this Montana Senate Bill 305 which sets forth how the mail-in ballot election is to be held. As a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” he is trying to lead the Sweet Grass County Republican “sheep” to what will be sure destruction. Who with any intelligence, conscience and true knowledge about his actions, would vote for Republican Greg Gianforte? Ah yes, I forgot: the Republican party faithful followers or “sheep”.

I was raised a Republican and learned to vote for the best candidate regardless of his/her party. I always have and always will. It is thoughtless to vote a straight ticket as there are usually some good people running in both parties. Vote for the best one; one who understands what it is like to live financially carefully, if not frugally, and pray you don’t get sick or have an accident. 

Thinking for yourself is getting to be a lost art.  


Barbara Van Cleve

Big Timber


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