Youth soccer kicks off with season opener

The Big Timber U-19 soccer team started their 2017 spring season off by traveling to Miles City on Saturday, April 1. 

The agenda was to play Sidney at noon and Miles City at 3 p.m.. Big Timber showed up at 11 a.m. ready to go and to warm up for the first game! Sidney turned up around 11:30 a.m. and began warming up as well. 

The teams were checked in with no difficulties and captains were called. 

Big Timber lost the coin toss, so they got to kick off. 

At noon the ref blew the whistle, and the game began. Big Timber started off unyielding and maintaining possession. About 20 minutes into the first half, Big Timber received their first goal, but it wasn’t from Big Timber! During a corner kick on Sidney’s side, one of their defenders accidentally deflected the ball into their net. 

Big Timber was now in the lead at 1-0. 

Sidney came back though and scored two goals on Big Timber. 

Halftime arrived, and the teams replenished themselves with water and took a breather. 

Sidney kicked off the second half. Big Timber lost their positions during the second half leaving the inside open for Sidney, who took advantage of it by scoring two goals. 

Big Timber started to fall apart from disappointment, but they held together. They did get to see a goal from Big Timber’s, Isaac Fossum. 

Fossum scored from a corner kicked when he passed the ball to Dagon Jacobsen who returned the ball to Fossum, who in turn shot the ball through the defenders and scored with seconds left in the game. 

Big Timber left their first game with a loss of 2-4.

At 2:30 p.m. Miles City and Big Timber met at the fields to begin warming up. This time Miles City got to kick off. Both teams were tired from their previous games, but they played hard. Everybody was maintaining position very well. 

During a corner on Big Timber, Miles City crossed the ball right into the center and scored during the first half. Big Timber held them off until halftime. 

Halftime was a relief for the teams. Everybody gathered around their coaches and stretched out. After catching their breath for about 10 minutes, the second half arrived. 

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By Morgan Fjare / Youth Soccer Correspondent



Photo courtesy of Big Timber Youth Soccer


A Big Timber Youth Soccer player runs across the field during the season opener April 1 in Miles City. 


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